Doctoral School I-MEP2

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Welcome to the I-MEP² Doctoral School

Maison Jean Kuntzmann

The I-MEP² Doctoral School (ED I-MEP² for Ingénierie - Matériaux, Mécanique, Environnement, Energétique, Procédés, Production) is a thematic doctoral school of the Grenoble area (including Chambéry et Valence). ED I-MEP² is one of the 13 doctoral schools of the Doctoral College of Université Grenoble Alpes.

I-MEP² Doctoral School gathers all the PhD students (more than 450) in Engineering. Its scientific périmeter is well defined by the thesis specialities :

  • Electrochemistry (EC)
  • Mechanical, civil engineering (MG)
  • Materials (MAT)
  • Fluids mechanics, energetics, processes (MEP)
  • Industrial engineering: conception and production (GI)
The Maison du doctorat Jean Kuntzmann brings together in the same place a range of services from the enrollment to the defense, including a convivial space for PhD students, and makes it possible to combine quality of life, interdisciplinarity and a spirit of openness to the world.